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UPDATE: wrote an article about this program!


Today we announced a partnership with Goodwill Central Texas to help hundreds of disadvantaged individuals from underserved communities and a variety of backgrounds get the training they need to start a new and lucrative career in Linux IT. From the press release:

The scholarship program will begin with The Goodwill Excel Center and the Goodwill Career and Technical Academy in Central Texas and is expected to expand to other communities in the future. The Goodwill Excel Center is the first free public charter high school for adults in Texas. Students age 17-50 have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, complete an in-demand professional certification and begin post-secondary education.

The Extended Learning Linux Foundation Scholarship Program created by Linux Foundation and Goodwill includes free access to the Intro to Linux (LFS101x) and Essentials of System Administration (LFS201) courses, and the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam at no cost.

Once we’ve piloted the program in Central Texas, we’re planning on spreading it to other regions.

Linux and the open source ethic is one of openness, freedom, and opportunity for all and we’re excited about this opportunity to help hundreds of people participate who would otherwise be unable.


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