Comprehensive Linux Training

The Linux Foundation’s training program has a clear advantage. As the company that employs Linux founder Linus Torvalds, we are fortunate in our ability to leverage close relationships with many of the top members of the Linux community, including Linux kernel maintainers. This led to the most comprehensive Linux training on the market, delivered through rigorous five-day courses taught by Linux experts who bring their real world experiences to every class.

Since Linux is always evolving, our course materials are regularly refreshed and up-to-date with stable versions of the Linux kernel. We deliver our advanced Linux training in a 50/50 training format, where 50 percent of a student’s time is spent learning from an instructor and the other 50 percent doing exercises in hands-on learning labs.

Our vendor-neutral training program covers all of the major distributions: Fedora/Red Hat, OpenSuse/SUSE, Debian/Ubuntu.

Here are some reasons to choose The LinuxFoundation’s comprehensive Linux training:

  • You run multiple Linux distributions and want a vendor-neutral approach to training
  • Your company has made a strategic bet on Linux and wants higher-level training on more sophisticated topics than most mainstream training products provide
  • You need advanced Linux training that addresses a specific challenge faced by your company or group, including higher performance, advanced Linux security training or new DevOps/Cloud technologies
  • You have access to training discounts as a Linux Foundation member company
  • You want to leverage The Linux Foundation’s direct relationship with the kernel community

Linux Developer Courses

Developers need an intensive and immersive hands-on learning environment from people who truly understand what it takes to work in the Linux environment. The Linux Foundation’s Linux developer courses include introductory courses and continue up through advanced embedded Linux development. The developer curriculum also includes comprehensive Linux driver training that teaches developers to effectively build Linux device drivers and to interface correctly with the kernel.

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Linux System Administration Courses

To successfully deploy and manage Linux in an enterprise environment, the right skills and administration strategy are crucial. The Linux Foundation’s courses provide the fundamental knowledge needed to evaluate various deployment solutions and provide ongoing management of enterprise Linux systems.

For every organization, server performance and security are critical. The Linux Foundation offers a number of Linux server training options that will help you gain critical system administration skills, such as learning how to optimize your server’s performance as taught in our popular Linux Performance Tuning course.

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