Linux Training By Industry

There are hundreds of industries with a high concentration of Linux use. Below, we focus on a few of the industries in which Linux is not just ubiquitous or a choice benefiting the IT department, but is rather a critical component to the entire business and can benefit from The Linux Foundation’s comprehensive Linux training.

Financial Linux Training

From major exchanges to hedge funds and retail banks, Linux has been widely adopted in the financial industry. Today Linux powers 90% of the world’s financial transactions and The Linux Foundation has helped financial institutions big and small get the most from their investment in Linux with onsite financial Linux training.

Why is The Linux Foundation’s Linux Training courses well suited for the financial industry and financial Linux training?

  • Some estimate that a 1-millisecond advantage in trading applications can be worth as much as $100 million a year to a firm. Our training team includes Linux experts with experience working inside global financial companies on Wall Street and who can provide financial Linux training on how to achieve high-throughput, low latency systems.
  • Our advanced Linux Performance Tuning course teaches architects and engineers the most recent Linux tracing, profiling and instrumentation techniques that will allow them to debug their systems and maximize performance.
  • Financial institutions have stringent compliance and security needs. The Linux Foundation understands and can teach best practices to meet financial industry requirements.
  • Due to the financial crisis, many financial institutions found themselves dealing with multiple distributions after combining firms and divisions. As a vendor-neutral non-profit, The Linux Foundation’s training team brings experience with all the major distributions and makes us the ideal training provider for companies that work with more than one distribution.

Popular financial Linux training courses offered by The Linux Foundation:

Linux Telecom Training

With new players constantly entering the telecommunications space and an ever evolving market of new technologies, the telecom industry has been migrating to Linux and replacing proprietary systems with high costs and vendor lock-in. Linux allows Telecom providers to stay cost-efficient, while also taking advantage of its high level of availability, security and reliability.

The Linux Foundation works with a variety of players in the telecom ecosystem to provide Linux telecom training to network equipment providers (NEPs) and operators, helping them attain the performance and time to market advantages they need.

These courses from The Linux Foundation provide Linux telecom training:


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