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Brocade Gets Ahead With Linux Training

Brocade CommunicationsCurt Beckman, Chief Technology Architect at Brocade, discusses why Brocade chose Linux Foundation Training, Brocade’s experience with their training sessions, and how Linux Foundation Training helped them meet their aggressive development goals and deadlines successfully.

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Clemson Loves Linux Foundation Training

Clemson UniversityMike Cannon, Data Storage Architect at Clemson University, talks about what Clemson likes about Linux Foundation Training, how Clemson uses the various courses and other resources that The Linux Foundation offers, and what Clemson’s plans to do with Linux Foundation Training in the future.

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Ruckus Wireless Sees Results With Linux Training

Ruckus WirelessRaghu Dendukuri, Director of Engineering at Ruckus Wireless, discusses why he chose The Linux Foundation as his training provider, what the training experience was like, and how training with The Linux Foundation has helped his team to deliver better products, faster.

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Cisco’s OpenSource Cloud Expert Shares His Thoughts on OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment Course (LF520)

Ivan MeliaIvan Melia's job is to understand open source cloud architectures so that he can advise Cisco on their position in the cloud. He has been observing the momentum of the OpenStack project, and his goal was to become a subject matter expert in OpenStack so that he would be able to fully deploy it in data centers, and consult on open cloud architectures and deployment at Cisco.

Learn why cloud experts select The Linux Foundation to get the Linux expertise they need for openstack deployments...


High Availability Linux Training Reduces Server Workloads by 70% for Telecom Company Telmex

TelmexThe experience of attendees for Linux Foundation training courses can vary between those just getting started with Linux and others who are more advanced users. Engineer William Balderas joined the High Availability Linux Architecture course (LF422) with experience setting up and maintaining a high availability environment for telecom giant, Telmex.

Learn why engineers from telecom giant Telmex selected The Linux Foundation to get the Linux expertise they needed to reduce server workloads...


Linux Device Drivers Course Enables Longtime “Hardware Guy” to Better Support Customer Challenges

Rich CahillWith 15 years of hardware experience at a leading semiconductor company, Rich Cahill has had a front row seat as the industry has evolved. In the past, understanding how operating systems use their hardware was not as critical. With the release of their newest product, the ability to provide support on a deeper level has become key to building long term relationships with customers, leading Cahill to enroll in the Linux Foundation’s Developing Linux Device Drivers (LF331) course.

Learn why longtime industry professionals are looking to The Linux Foundation to get the Linux knowledge they need to support their customers...


Linux Foundation Training Prepares the International Space Station for Linux Migration


NASA LogoIt’s hard to get tech support 400 kilometers away from the Earth, which is why Keith Chuvala of United Space Alliance, a NASA contractor deeply involved in Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) operations, decided to migrate to Linux. As leader of the Laptops and Network Integration Teams, Chuvala oversees the developers in charge of writing and integrating software for the Station’s “OpsLAN” – a network of laptops that provide the ISS crew with vital capabilities for day-to-day operations, from telling the astronauts where they are, to inventory control of the equipment used, to interfacing with the cameras that capture photos and videos.

Learn why organizations like NASA are switching from Windows to Linux and why they are choosing The Linux Foundation as their training partner...


Developer Andi Shyti Shares His Experience With Linux Foundation Training

NokiaAndi Shyti, Software Developer at Nokia, discusses his experience taking The Linux Foundation's Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging (LF320) course. Shyti tells you what he enjoyed most about the course, his experience with Linux Foundation instructors and why he recommends the Linux training from The Linux Foundation.

Broadcom Addresses Growing Android Market Through Linux Foundation Training

Broadcom LogoThe shift from feature phones to smart phones has hit every corner of the technology industry. Broadcom is no exception. Their Cellular SoC group has made the transition from supporting proprietary operating systems to the wildly popular Android operating system. As part of this transition, Broadcom needed to re-train software engineers in their Cellular SoC group to support Linux and Android. They turned to the Linux Foundation to provide customized, in-house training services to get their engineers up to speed on Linux quickly, efficiently and with low costs.

Read how The Linux Foundation developed a customized Linux Training course to get Broadcom's developers up to speed on Linux quickly...



Linux Training for Developing and Debugging Linux Kernel Code

Peter Senna Tschudin

Peter Senna Tschudin is both an authoritative teacher and an eager student. Working as a consultant implementing and developing free software for the Brazilian government, he’s required to have a vast knowledge of the technical intricacies of the Linux OS, including Kernel internals. Linux Foundation training has become Tschudin’s go-to resource for satisfying his insatiable desire to dive deep into the technology, which ultimately adds value to his clients. That’s why he’s a frequent training participant, an avid conference-goer, and an all-around fan of the Linux Foundation.

Learn why Linux developers like Peter choose Linux Training from The Linux Foundation to update their knowledge of the Linux kernel...



Advanced Linux Training for Mission-Critical Conferencing

Compunetix Logo

Many of today’s forward-thinking businesses are preparing to adopt Internet Protocol version 6, so they can bring new levels of continuity, reliability, and innovation to their organizations. But for companies like Compunetix, which delivers audio conferencing solutions to military agencies, IPv6 isn’t only an opportunity for growth, it’s a U.S. Department of Defense mandate.

“IPv6 is increasingly important in many industries—especially ours,” says Ferhat Cakrak, Software Development Team Manager at Compunetix. “But it’s not easy to implement in a proprietary OS.”

To adopt a less complicated approach, and in an effort to improve uptime, Compunetix has begun migrating their embedded systems to Carrier Grade Linux. “I’m confident our downtime will be minimized with Linux,” says Cakrak. “And since the contribution to the Linux OS is worldwide, bugs are fixed and discovered a lot faster than in traditional operating systems.”

Read why Compunetix chose Linux Training from The Linux Foundation to get their Ph.D-level developers up to speed with embedded Linux development...



13-Year Software Veteran Learns New Tricks with Embedded Linux Course

Derald WoodsDerald Woods is a 13-year engineering veteran who today works in software development, designing and supporting electronic vehicle controls for heavy equipment and trucks. Lately, his time is being used to work on an ARM9-based embedded Linux solution that involves NTSC/PAL video CSI input, V4L2 overlay, and graphics provided by an SDL implementation. This work lead him to The Linux Foundation's "Embedded Linux: A Crash Course" to dig in deeper and build upon his existing knowledge in this area.

"I have had embedded Linux training from other sources, but this was an opportunity to ask questions and discuss some approaches that I have taken in the process of maintaining my own embedded Linux environment. It was good that the other class participants were also experienced Linux developers...."

Learn more about how Linux Training from The Linux Foundation helped Derald Woods.



Open Compliance Training Helps Set-Top-Box Manufacturer Altech UEC leverage Free and Open Source Software

Optelian Logo

Altech UEC is a leading developer of innovative solutions for the converged home and specialises in the provision of integrated systems comprising specialised gateway devices supported by innovative software solutions and delivered and supported by a global logistical support network for the supply of STBs. Altech UEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altech (Allied Technologies Limited, Johannesburg Securities Exchange “ALT”). Altech is a leading South African multi-billion rand high-technology group involved in the design, development, convergence, manufacture, installation and distribution of telecommunications equipment, multimedia systems, IT solutions, electronic components, cellular telephony and industrial electronic products.

Learn more about how Linux Training from The Linux Foundation helped Altech UEC.



Optelian Migrates to Linux to Power their Optical Networking Equipment

Optelian Logo

Opticial transport system manufacturer Optelian is thriving, thanks in part to the company’s ability to make the most of two trends: smart phones and the rise of Linux as an embedded OS.

Optelian designs and manufacturers optical transport systems that send data across optical fiber. That means they sell equipment to North America’s largest telecom carriers to provide network backbone. With more than 3,500 systems and 90,000 wavelengths installed, Optelian is known industry-wide for its exceptional product quality, speed of delivery, superior customer support and custom-design capabilities. iPhones, iPads and Android-powered phones (powered by Linux) are driving demand for this networking infrastructure. In short, times are very good for Optelian.

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