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Respected, verifiable certifications from a vendor-neutral entity like The Linux Foundation demonstrate the depth of your skills to potential employers, most of whom report they are more likely to hire
someone holding such a certification.
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93% of hiring managers are unable to find enough individuals with open source skills. Take advantage by gaining these in demand skills and set yourself up for a successful long term career.
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Cloud skills have the biggest impact on hiring decisions according to the Open Source Jobs Report. Our Cloud Engineer Bootcamp provides all the training you need to be successful, and industry-leading certifications to prove it, in a structured program with hands-on support from expert instructors.
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Cloud & Containers

Cloud and container skills are the most sought after by open source hiring managers.
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Gartner predicted banks would see $1 billion in value from blockchain technologies by 2020.
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Linux Kernel Development

Linux runs 99% of supercomputers, 82% of smartphones and 90% of public cloud workloads.
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System Administration

System administration is the ideal starting point for a career in IT.
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Whether you’re just starting out and aren’t sure where to begin, or if you’re an experienced pro looking to add a new skill, we offer a path to help.
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Quotes from students
“Since receiving my CKA and CKAD certifications, I feel that I have jump started my career. Recruiters are calling me and it's not in response to me submitting my CV. This demonstrates that these certifications have added weight to my profile.”
Med Ilyes El Ajroud, DevOps Engineer
“After losing my job in June 2020 due to the pandemic, I studied for and passed the JSNSD certification. After receiving my certification, more companies started noticing my profile on LinkedIn and Reddit. Finally, I was hired by a health startup in NY as a Senior Backend Developer using Node.JS!”
Oscar Calderon, Senior Backend Developer
“Every topic was surprisingly thorough and well explained with a depth I didn't expect from an introduction.”
LFD201 student
“The structure of the lessons built upon each other very well. I found the hands on aspect to be particularly valuable. The explanations provided context around why you are doing certain things and that really helped connect the dots and visualize how all the components work together.”
LFD259 student
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