Our Mission is to Train The Next Generation
of Open Source Professionals

Our Team & Partners

The Linux Foundation’s training program features courses developed and taught by expert instructors, many of whom are well-respected developers in the open source community. Our certification team performs comprehensive industry and job analyses to ensure every professional certification program we offer meets our exceedingly high standards. That combined with our outstanding customer success team, we are able to deliver responsive support and customized training solutions to enable individuals and businesses to succeed.

We don’t do it alone. Together with a global network of Authorized Training Partners we are able to deliver our training in more classrooms around the world. For those that aren’t quite ready to dive-in to our more advanced courses, we have partnered with edX.org to offer over a dozen free online foundational courses in some of today’s most sought-after technologies, to make learning technology more accessible to all.

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is the organization of choice for the world’s top developers and companies to build ecosystems that accelerate open technology development and industry adoption. Together with the worldwide open source community, it is solving the hardest technology problems by creating the largest shared technology investment in history. Founded in 2000, The Linux Foundation today provides tools, training and events to scale any open source project, which together deliver an economic impact not achievable by any one company. More information can be found at www.linuxfoundation.org.