Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partners

lft partnerThe Linux Foundation has an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) Program. This initiative supports our strategy of expanding access to Linux training so that we continue to build the supply of Linux professionals.  ATP organizations must meet strict benchmarks for experience and quality, and be able to supply Linux Foundation Authorized Instructors for course delivery.

How to become an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of The Linux Foundation

We carefully evaluate all prospective ATP’s. After you submit an application, we’ll assess your organization’s business strategy and training capabilities to determine alignment with our mission. If you are selected, you will be invited to meet with the Channel Operations Manager, or, depending on your geographical location, a channel sales representative to review program opportunities and details.

Apply To Become An ATP

Authorized Training Partners

Partners host both open enrollment (see our course schedule) and corporate onsite classes. Below are the websites and geographic markets covered by current partners:

Linux Foundation Training in India. (South Asia)

Linux Foundation Training in EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia)

AT Computing (Netherlands)

Enea (Sweden, Romania)

Global Knowledge Korea (South Korea)

Olindata (Netherlands, SE Asia)

Solutionware (China)

- Linux Academy (United States)

- Security Management Technology Center (Jordan/Middle East)

- Jumping Bean (Africa)

- Carrera Linux (South America)

- Savoir-faire Linux (Canada)

- Firebrand Training (UK)

- Konsulko (United States)

New Elements / (Germany)

- Source Code Control (UK)

ITGilde (NL)

- Computec (Germany)

- Linuxhotel (Germany)

- The PSCG (Israel/APAC)

CBT Training & Consulting (Germany)

Kolej UNITI (Malaysia)

- Abyres (Malaysia)

- Cerna Minda (Malaysia)

- RPS Consulting (India)

Greencore Solutions SRL (Costa Rica)

- Fast Lane (South Korea)

- GuruTeam (Ireland)

- B1 Systems (Germany)

Engeto (Czech Republic)

CSDN (China)

- Safe Node Training & Solutions (Brazil)

Jambu Tecnologia Consultoria e Engenharia Ltda (Brazil)

CareerIT N.V. (Suriname)

- Inovex (Germany)

- Rogue Wave (North America)

- Container Solutions (Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Germany)

- RX-M (North America)

Loodse GmbH (Germany)

- IT Training (Bulgaria)

- Cybergate (Sri Lanka)

Uasabi Ltd. (UK)


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