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New, Free Training Course Explores Business Considerations for Edge Computing

By May 7, 2020Announcements

Edge Computing is here, and it is impacting industries including automotive, logistics, healthcare, agriculture and more. This decentralized model of computing focuses on real-time processing and analysis of data near the edge of the network, or nearest the device or user. 

Despite its wide range of applications and implications, Edge is still not well understood in the broader business community, and there is a shortage of talent qualified to implement and manage Edge applications. With investment in smart cities expected to reach $124 billion this year, millions of autonomous vehicles coming onto the road and billions of IoT devices expected to be deployed in the coming years, we need to close this talent gap. That’s why The Linux Foundation has launched a new, free training course explaining the convergence of 5G, IoT, AI, machine learning and the Edge. 

The course, Business Considerations for Edge Computing, explains what Edge Computing is, what problems it’s solving, data privacy and security considerations, and examples of where we see business innovation with Edge. It also reviews the influencers and open source projects that are defining the future of Edge and the hybrid computing world.

Business Considerations for Edge Computing is available to start right now. The course, which is appropriate for business professionals who need to better understand the concepts around Edge computing and its importance to their operations, can be completed in as little at two-to-four hours, though students can take it at their own pace. 

Learn more about the course in the video below, or register today!

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