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Success Story: Linux Kernel Training Helps Security Engineer Move into Full Time Kernel Engineering

August 26, 2020Announcements

In 2017, Mohamed Al Samman was working on the Linux kernel, doing analysis, debugging and compiling. He had also built an open source Linux firewall, and a kernel module to monitor power supply electrical current status (AC/DC) by using the Linux kernel notifier. He hoped to become a full time kernel developer, and expand the kernel community in Egypt, which led him to apply for, and be awarded, a Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarship in the Linux Kernel Guru category.

We followed up with Mohamed recently to hear what he’s been up to since completing his Linux Foundation training.

Linux Foundation: What training did you take with your scholarship?

Mohamed Al Samman: Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging (LFD420).

LF: What was the best/most useful thing you learned through this training?

MA: The scholarship was great, I learned how to navigate and debug the Linux kernel source code, which has accelerated my learning curve in the Linux kernel, and also helped me to discover different parts of Linux subsystems. 

LF: Have you shared the knowledge you gained with others? How so?

MA: Yes, I have shared my knowledge within the Egyptian Linux users community by mentoring people who are interested in the Linux kernel development.

LF: Has your job changed since receiving the scholarship? What did you do before, and what are you doing now?

MA: Yes, I changed my job thanks to the Linux Foundation scholarship. In my previous job, I was a security software engineer at Orange business services (Egypt). Now, I am a Linux kernel engineer at Inria (France). In the new role I develop and maintain loadable security modules for Android systems.

LF: Are you contributing to any open source projects? Which ones?

MA: Not yet, but filesystem development is on my radar, specially Btrfs.

2020 LiFT scholarship winners were announced in late June. 2021 applications will be available in the Spring.

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