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Announcing: Introduction to Protocol Buffers (LFS145)

January 19, 2023January 23rd, 2023Announcements

The Linux Foundation Training & Certification is launching a new, free, video-based course titled Introduction to Protocol Buffers. This course will teach you everything you need to know to create simple and complex .proto files and understand how to interact with them in Python. More importantly, you will see that writing protocol buffers code is easy because the framework generates all the boilerplate code for you!

Protocol buffers (protobuf) is a fundamental data serialization format leveraged by top tech companies like Google, Netflix, and Uber. It enables microservices to transfer data in an efficient way and eliminates the need to use XML and JSON for most of your data schema. With protocol buffers, you’ll discover a data format that allows you to create the most efficient APIs. 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Write simple and complex .proto files
  • Generate code using `protoc`
  • Leverage imports and packages appropriately
  • Code in Python with protocol buffers
  • Understand advanced protocol buffers concepts

Introduction to Protocol Buffers is perfect for students or professionals who want to get ready to learn gRPC and/or want to learn about efficient data serialization/deserialization. It’s also great for anyone who has experience with REST APIs (be it with Python or any other language), and for those who are focused on reducing payload size, either for data-intensive APIs or for microcontrollers and smartphones.

This online, self-paced course will take approximately 6-7 hours to complete. It utilizes video content, hands-on labs & assignments, and discussion forums to support your learning. Those who complete the course will receive a digital badge to display on their online profiles.

Introduction to Protocol Buffers was authored by Clément Jean, an online instructor who studied computer engineering (C, C++, C#) at Epitech (Montpellier, France) and went on to study Computer Science at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China). He then went on to study Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University (Beijing, China) and finally completed an MBA at CKGSB (Beijing, China). With all that learning in terms of technology, education, and business, he decided to be a gRPC consultant and help companies switch their REST APIs to this technology.

Register for Introduction to Protocol Buffers today.

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