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COMING SOON! Certified GitOps Associate (CGOA) Certification

April 19, 2023Announcements

Demonstrate Your Understanding of GitOps Principles, Terminology, and Best Practices


Do you want to show the world your GitOps skills? Sign up to be notified when the Linux Foundation Training & Certification launches our new GitOps Associate (CGOA) certification.

The new certification is designed to demonstrate to employers that a DevOps team member understands GitOps principles, terminology and best practices in setting up a GitOps-managed software system. It will also show they are proficient in related practices such as configuration of code; infrastructure as code; DevOps; DevSecOps; and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD); as well as how to map them to GitOps.

“Many organizations use Continuous Delivery and GitOps practices and technologies to deliver new features in a declarative, reliable, fast, and secure manner,” said Fatih Degirmenci, Executive Director, Continuous Delivery Foundation. “Certified GitOps Associate helps professionals demonstrate their understanding and skills of GitOps and allows organizations to identify and attract talent proficient in GitOps to strengthen their software delivery capabilities.”

“The increasing use of GitOps makes it an essential skill for anyone involved in DevOps or software development,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, and General Manager, Linux Foundation Training & Certification. “This is being driven by a number of factors that will only continue to create demand for GitOps-certified professionals, specifically:

  1. Growth of cloud computing
  2. Increasing DevOps adoption
  3. Increased need for agility
  4. Increasingly complex software environments”

The examination will take approximately 90 minutes. Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate as well as a digital badge.




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