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New Course: Ethical Principles for Conversational AI (LFS118x)

August 23, 2023Announcements

Learn to Reduce Risk & Avoid Harm with AI Voice Tech

Linux Foundation Training & Certification and the Open Voice Network today announced the launch of a new training course: Ethical Principles for Conversational AI (LFS118x). The free, self-paced course is hosted on the edX platform.

Designed for organizational leaders, product development teams, and legal and ethical champions, who are involved — or interested — in building and adopting conversational/voice AI tools, the course helps participants: 

  • Understand how to reduce risk, avoid harm and provide assurance in the use of conversational/voice technology. 
  • Increase their understanding of the opportunities and challenges of conversational/voice technology.
  • Learn the skills and tools needed to create positive outcomes. 
  • Apply ethical principles and frameworks to ensure conversational/voice experiences are respectful, trustworthy, and beneficial for human well-being.

“AI voice technology has immense potential to improve our lives and increase operational efficiencies; however, we must understand how to create value without doing harm.” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, General Manager, Training & Certification, Linux Foundation, “This course should be required learning for any technologist or executive thinking about deploying AI voice tools.”

“As we continue to see advancements in conversational AI, all stakeholders must prioritize understanding the ethical issues that come with these technologies,” said Oita Coleman, Senior Advisor, Open Voice Network. “This course equips individuals and organizations with practical guidance to navigate the complex ethical, social, and business challenges that need to be addressed and the preventative measures that should be taken. By providing a framework for risk mitigation, this training provides the tools to deliver trustworthy voice experiences.”

The free, online, self-paced course includes 2 to 3 hours of material and covers: 

  • What do we mean by Conversational/Voice AI?
  • Benefits & Risks of Conversational/Voice AI
  • Voice Data Analysis
  • Ethical Framework for Trustworthy Experiences
  • The TrustMark Initiative of the Open Voice Network

Course participants can enroll in a verified version of the course to receive a certificate of completion. 

Enroll for free today:
Ethical Principles for Conversational AI (LFS118x)


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