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How LFCA Compares to Legacy Entry-Level IT Certifications

July 14, 2021Announcements

When we developed the Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate (LFCA) exam, we wanted to create a certification that would help folks get started in an IT career by demonstrating to employers they possess knowledge of the most important and widely used modern infrastructure technologies. Our goal was to make an IT career more accessible, and also close the skills gap that is making it difficult for employers to find enough talented candidates.

Part of this process involved looking at the existing marketplace for entry-level IT certifications, and seeing where they were lacking. For instance, the 2020 Open Source Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation and edX found that knowledge of cloud computing has the biggest impact on hiring decisions amongst employers; but legacy entry-level IT certifications do not test for cloud computing knowledge. 

The new chart below compares the LFCA exam to a typical legacy entry-level IT certification to outline the differences, and highlight why LFCA is becoming the certification of choice for employers who want to hire new talent with the knowledge necessary to get straight to work administering modern IT infrastructure. We encourage you to check it out, and also our IT career roadmap which explores some of the career paths that the LFCA can open. 

And remember to celebrate 30 years of Linux in 2021, the LFCA exam is discounted 30% through December 31 if you use code LINUX30 at checkout!

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