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Hyperledger Fabric Underpins Major Blockchain Projects

February 28, 2020October 27th, 2021Announcements

Enterprise blockchain technology is hot and getting hotter. While the world of cryptocurrency ebbs and flows, more and more organizations and business communities are focusing instead on using distributed ledgers and smart contracts to automate processes that they could never automate before in a decentralized way. Forbes recently published its second yearly review of 50 billion-dollar businesses using enterprise blockchain technology with an amazing array of companies and industries and use cases represented. From supply chain traceability to sharing health data to remaking the world of finance and digital identity, a revolution is underway, and demand for those skills is growing. Blockchain development is now the number one “hard skill” in demand, according to a new report recently compiled by LinkedIn

The Hyperledger Foundation, launched in 2016 and hosted at the Linux Foundation, has become the center of gravity for the enterprise blockchain technology world. One of its projects, Hyperledger Fabric, is now the software underpinning hundreds of different enterprise blockchain projects. Every major cloud computing provider (Azure, IBM, Oracle, AWS, Google Cloud) including the ones big in China (Baidu, Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba Cloud) offers Hyperledger Fabric as a managed service. Furthermore, hundreds of startups are using Fabric and other Hyperledger technologies at the core of their disruptive offerings.

Last year The Linux Foundation launched its Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administration course and exam, and now announces its Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer course and exam. Understanding how Fabric’s operating model works, from chaincode to ordering nodes to the client SDK interfaces, is essential to getting the most from it. Being able to carry the CHFD and CHFA certification on your resume is key to standing head and shoulders above the other contenders for those high-demand jobs. 

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