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Introduction to Quantum Circuits Enrollment Now Open

March 29, 2023Announcements

Build Your Capacity to Perform Quantum Experiments On the Cloud

The Linux Foundation Training & Certification has announced a new, quantum computing course, Introduction to Quantum Circuits (LFQ103x). This course introduces the core concepts related to quantum computing. It also provides an opportunity to explore IBM Q Experience Visual Composer, a graphical quantum programming tool that lets you build quantum circuits and run them on real quantum hardware or simulators.

Quantum Computing will disrupt the conventional computing scenario. The technology has the potential to affect many fields, ranging from cybersecurity to medicine. It provides a promise to solve many problems efficiently faster than conventional classical computers.

Introduction to Quantum Circuits is for anyone new to the field of quantum computing–from high school students to working professionals–who are not familiar with quantum computing or wish to improve their understanding. 

Quantum Computing Positioned to Impact All Industries

The course provides a headstart for learning quantum computing in depth. Students will gain an understanding of the present state, and future potential, of quantum computing. You will also learn how to create quantum circuits for various quantum algorithms and be able to interact with quantum hardware using IBM Q Visual Composer. 

“The impact of quantum computing will be enormous,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP and General Manager Training & Certification, Linux Foundation. “This course provides a unique opportunity to interact with IBM Q Experience Visual Composer on quantum hardware.”

Nowadays, we are able to access quantum hardware using the cloud. IBM Q Experience is a similar platform which provides access to IBM’s superconducting qubit hardware. Visual Composer is a drag and drop interface to create quantum circuits and give jobs to quantum hardware. You are essentially not required to learn any coding to perform these tasks.

The course authors include some of the world’s leading researchers in the field:

  • Chetan Waghela, Advisory Research Scientist, Qkrishi Quantum Pvt. Ltd. and a Quantum Optics research scholar
  • Dr. Gayathri Mani, Assistant Professor, Department of Computing Technologies, S.R.M Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur campus, Chennai, India and an expert in image processing, Quantum computing, machine learning and biometrics.
  • Dr. Anupama Ray is an Advisory Research Scientist at IBM Research, India. She is an IBM Quantum Technical Ambassador and a Qiskit Advocate currently working in the area of quantum machine learning and quantum applications in finance.

Enrollment is currently open for this free, edX hosted course. A paid verified certificate track is also available. Knowledge of complex numbers and vectors is recommended. 


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