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Just Launched: Computer Architecture with an Industrial RISC-V Core [RVfpga] (LFD119x)

August 3, 2023Announcements

Get a Practical Introduction to Using RISC-V Computer Architecture Based on System-on-Chip

Linux Foundation Training & Certification today launched the free, edX hosted course: Computer Architecture with an Industrial RISC-V Core [RVfpga] (LFD119x). The course is designed for university computer science students, electrical and computer engineers and other technical students and professionals who would like to learn about – and experiment with – RISC-V.

The course provides hands-on experience with RISC-V computer architecture and teaches how to develop and compile C and RISC-V assembly code for the RVfpga SoC. Additionally, participants will learn how to configure the microarchitecture of the SweRV EH1 Core and test its different features using performance counters and industry-standard benchmarks. Finally, the course provides step-by-step instructions on how to execute programs on the Nexys A7 board or by using simulate programs such as: 

  • RVfpga-Whisper instruction set simulator (ISS)
  • Verilator-based RVfpga-ViDBo
  • RVfpga-Pipeline
  • RVfpga-Trace

“RISC-V is making fast inroads worldwide,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, General Manager, Training & Certification, Linux Foundation. “Learning how to use RISC-V to improve security, power consumption and performance of processors will enable people to help shape the future of computer architecture and ensure long-term career growth.”

The free, self-paced, online course includes 20 to 40 hours of material and covers:

  • C Programming with the RVfpga SoC
  • RISC-V Assembly Programming with the RVfpga SoC
  • RISC-V Function Calls
  • Mixing C and Assembly Functions in a Program
  • Peripherals and Input/Output
  • I/O: 7-Segment Displays
  • I/O: Timers
  • Interrupts
  • RISC-V VeeR Core

It is recommended that participants enrolling in this course have a fundamental understanding of:

  • Digital logic design
  • High-level programming (such as C programming)
  • Assembly programming
  • RISC-V instruction set architecture
  • Processor microarchitecture
  • Memory and input/output systems

Interested participants are invited to enroll for free today. A verified track to earn a certificate of completion is also available. 

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