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Meet The Community – Flavia Cioanca, LF Instructional Designer

July 9, 2019October 30th, 2019Announcements
Next up in our ‘Meet The Community’ series, Flavia Cioanca, instructional design manager and course author for the LF, tells us about growing up in the land of vampires and eventually moving to the States, where she began working for the Foundation.


Looking down the memory lane, I can say with certainty that my career took me on a zigzagging path to get me where I am today. I received a BA in Geography and English Language and Literature from Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and worked for a while as Chief of Staff for a representative of the Chamber of Deputies, which is the lower house in Romania’s Parliament. Then, I decided to make a change and crossed the pond, moving to the United States. Here, I worked in various industries, from tourism to finance, but eventually, I decided to go back to school. I earned an MA in Human Resource Development from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, while working a full-time job in finance and collaborating with The Linux Foundation as an eLearning designer. As soon as I received my master’s degree in 2015, I joined the Foundation full time as an Instructional Designer.

We live in an incredibly dynamic and fast-paced world, constantly pressured to stay relevant, where tomorrow is just moments away; I believe the best way to tackle and overcome this pressure is to transform ourselves into lifelong learners, no matter if learning is for personal and/or professional reasons.

Learning empowers us – we grow in ability, self-confidence, motivation, and ultimately, happiness. And the opportunities abound around us, from our experiences to formal education, to training on the job, to just-in-time learning.


Before joining the Foundation, my knowledge of open source technologies was limited to Linux. My work has really opened my eyes, fundamentally changing my view of technology, and open source technologies in particular, and the impact they have on everyday life. While designing meaningful learning experiences, I have the opportunity to learn all about the technologies fostered by the Foundation and its collaborative projects. In a way, one could say that I am one of the first students enrolled in any one of our self-paced courses. And so is Frost, my cat, assistant, and quality control manager. 

I am usually one of the people behind the scenes, prepping and running the eLearning “production” backstage – if you are enrolled in any of the Linux Foundation online courses, whether on edX, Coursera, or our learning management system, your learning experience is a result of my day-to-day work, in collaboration with course instructors and the Linux Foundation  Training team. As learners, you may also interact with me in course forums, mostly on administrative issues. Most recently, I have also changed gears a bit, by co-authoring the third edition of our Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies MOOC on edX. 

I grew up in the land of vampires and howling wolves, otherwise known as Transylvania. No, I am not a vampire! In fact, I admit: I like garlic. So if you happen to be close to me, you are safe 🙂 My husband and I love to travel the world and explore its perpetual, breathtaking beauty, meet new people, and experience local cuisine. We enjoy spending time outdoors, ideally in the mountains…not always possible in the interminable flatness of the Chicago area, but we take advantage of any opportunity we get. And I love capturing our adventures on camera.

Meet the Community-Flavia CioancaCurrently, Flavia is working on an exciting new project, the upcoming Business Implications, and Strategy for 5G Professional Certificate, created in collaboration with edX. You can learn more about this new program here.

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