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New 5G Wireless Network Technology And What It Means For Our Community

June 11, 2019Announcements

To the general public 5G is just the expected next step, a way to make our phones do more, faster.  For now, that would appear to be true as Verizon and AT&T have started a slow roll out across the major cities in the United States. To the mainstream, it is business as usual.  However, for those in the tech industry, the story is anything but business as usual. In fact, it is easy to say 5G will lead the way to the next technical revolution. This next-generation of wireless technology, with its ability to move more data, greater responsiveness, and ability to connect with more mobile devices will create opportunities that are only imaginable at this time.

One thing is certain, 5G will touch everyone in the tech sector in one way or another. Another certainty, Linux will support the base layer of 5G’s infrastructure. This layer will be the foundation for gaming, telemedicine, traffic control, autonomous driving, virtual reality, and utility usage optimization applications, to name a few.  The Linux Foundation has taken a leading role in 5G with open source projects like CNCF and LF Edge helping to ensure that the 5G revolution is based on open technologies to allow everyone to participate.

To help our community stay ahead of the 5G wave, the Linux Foundation will soon be announcing two free edX courses:

AI and Open Infrastructure to Support the 5G Transition– provides an overview of why open source matters now more than ever in the wireless networking space and what technologies deserve your attention. Business managers will become knowledgeable about the open source infrastructure powering the future and how to leverage it for their business benefit.

Business Considerations for Modernizing Networks for 5G, IoT – designed to teach business managers what is 5G, what are the tools driving its evolution and how to implement a network architecture modernization strategy that enables business-wide digital transformation.

Watch for the launch of these two free 5G focused courses in our monthly newsletter.

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