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NEW COURSE: Introduction to Cilium (LFS146x)

April 18, 2023April 19th, 2023Announcements

Get a practical introduction to using Cilium as the networking plug-in for Kubernetes.

Are you ready to expand your cloud native skills with Cilium? The Linux Foundation Training & Certification’s new FREE course Introduction to Cilium (LFS146x) will ensure you have the knowledge and skills you need to install and use this important plug-in. 

The course will give you a practical introduction to using Cilium as the networking plug-in for Kubernetes, including installation, observability with Hubble, securing network connections, and multi-cluster support – all based on eBPF for scalability.

Upon completion, you will be able to install and use Cilium to better connect, observe and secure your Kubernetes applications. Cluster administrators will be able to confidently install Cilium on a single cluster or in a cluster mesh configuration and to replace kube-proxy for more efficient, scalable networking. Cluster users will be able to use Hubble to observe network activity and then craft L3-L7 network policy to better secure their applications.

“Learning Cilium is important for anyone on a cloud career path,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, and General Manager, Linux Foundation Training & Certification. “Well-trained professionals know that Cilium is widely used in cloud native ecosystems and deeply integrated with Kubernetes helping to ensure solid network security and performance optimization.”

This FREE, online, self-paced course hosted by edX has approximately 26 hours of content and includes hands-on assignments and labs. Students have the option of taking a paid verified certificate track. Enrollment is now open, students will be able to start the course beginning May 24.

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