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NEW Course: Modern Air Gap Software Delivery (LFS281)

September 19, 2023November 15th, 2023Announcements

Get Insights into Air-Gapped Software Systems in
Cloud Native Environments

An air gap can be a great security approach, but in a cloud environment it creates a number of design challenges. Linux Foundation Training & Certification has just introduced Modern Air Gap Software Delivery (LFS281) to help IT professionals who create and manage software in the cloud – especially those that do not have experience with traditional IT systems – address the unique design challenges of creating disconnected value delivery systems. 

The course explains the concept of “air gap” and its real world applications, while exploring the advantages of technologies like containers and Kubernetes in air-gapped environments. In addition to design insights, participants will explore air gap systems from both a technical and human perspective, including how to assess and diagnose overall system health and provide recommendations for improvements.

“Technologies like containers and Kubernetes are an excellent fit for air-gapped environments,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, General Manager, Training & Certification, Linux Foundation. “IT professionals that can bring air-gapped software insights to the cloud environment are setting themselves up to open new career doors.”

The self-paced, online course includes hands-on labs and assignments, as well as 20 hours of material covering:

  • Workstation Setup
  • Air Gap Defined
  • Modern Software Delivery
  • Unique Challenges & Consideration for Air-Gapped Systems
  • Abstraction: The Answer to Modern Air Gap Software Delivery
  • Scaling: The Benefit of Container Orchestration & Community

Those that complete the course will have an understanding of air gap concepts, from real-world uses to value in safeguarding assets and the ability to excel in modern software delivery, sidestepping traditional pitfalls and leveraging technologies like containers and Kubernetes, which are perfectly suited for isolated environments.

Participants have access to online discussion forums for instructors and fellow course participants. Upon completion of the course participants receive a digital badge.

Enroll today: Modern Air Gap Software Delivery (LFS281)

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