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NEW FREE Course: Introduction to Zero Trust

November 15, 2023Announcements

Learn to Use Open Source Tools for Zero Trust

Linux Foundation Training and Certification has just launched Introduction to Zero Trust (LFS183x). The free course explains the features and characteristics of a Zero Trust Architecture and explores the different models of trust and use cases. Participants will have opportunities for hands-on practice with open source tools such as:

  • Open Policy Agent
  • Istio service me

“As cyber security threats grow, so does the importance of IT professionals continuing to expand their cyber security skills and knowledge,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, General Manager, Training & Certification, Linux Foundation. “Deploying Zero Trust with open source tools is one of the most important skill sets any open source professional can have, especially those working in cloud native environments.”

Designed for developers, operators, security professionals and architects, as well as IT leaders, this self-paced, online course has approximately three hours of material. Participants will learn:

  • The flaws of perimeter-based network security and how it gave rise to Zero Trust.
  • The importance of Zero Trust in securing modern, microservice-based environments, which face complexity creep and an evolving threat landscape.
  • Fundamental assertions of Zero Trust Networks and basics of Zero Trust Architectures.
  • The technology fundamentals key to building Zero Trust Networks.
  • The different models of trust used to achieve Zero Trust.
  • The importance of workload identities and how they are achieved in the context of Zero Trust Networks.
  • The different use cases in which you can apply Zero Trust.
  • How to achieve Zero Trust using open source tooling such as SPIFFE/SPIRE, OPA, and Istio service mesh.

This free course is hosted on edX, which offers an option to enroll in a verified track that provides participants with a shareable certificate of completion. 

Leverage Open Source for Zero Trust Deployments
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