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New Training Course Teaches Kubernetes Application Management with Helm

July 15, 2020Announcements

Helm is an emerging technology that enables packaging and running applications on Kubernetes in a simple, efficient way

SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2020The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the availability of a new training course, LFS244 – Managing Kubernetes Applications with Helm.

LFS244 was developed in conjunction with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software, and hosts both the Kubernetes and Helm open source projects. The course is designed for system administrators, DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, software engineers and others who wish to enhance their operational experience running containerized workloads on the Kubernetes platform.

Helm is an emerging, open source technology that enables packaging and running applications on Kubernetes in a simple, efficient way. Helm is considered a package manager for Kubernetes, similar to “apt” or “yum” on various Linux distributions, or “brew” on macOS. Using Helm, you can package, share, and install applications built and designed to run on Kubernetes.

This course provides a deep dive into Helm and how it’s used in real-world scenarios to manage the lifecycle of applications on Kubernetes. It covers a wide array of topics, including the history of the Helm project and its architecture, how to properly install the Helm client, the various components of a Helm chart and how to create one, the command-line actions used for managing an application’s lifecycle, and much more. 

Hands-on labs enable students to do everything from installing Helm to run applications, to creating clusters, managing the lifecycle of a sample Python application and more. The course takes approximately 25-30 hours to complete, including labs.

“Helm has become one of our most popular and fastest-growing projects by making installing and managing software in Kubernetes easier,” said Priyanka Sharma, general manager, Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “Demand for Kubernetes skills is at an all-time high, and this course provides a clear path for those who want to deploy Kubernetes applications. I encourage everyone to enroll!”

Managing Kubernetes Applications with Helm was developed by Josh Dolitsky, one of the core maintainers of the Helm project. Josh first started using Helm in 2017 as part of an engineering team tasked with building an internal, Kubernetes-based software delivery platform, and later got involved with the Helm project itself after creating an open source Helm chart repository server called ChartMuseum, which now enables many Helm-based deployment systems around the globe. Josh currently works as an independent software consultant focused on DevOps, CI/CD, containers, and Kubernetes.

The course is available to begin immediately. The $299 course fee provides unlimited access to the course for one year including all content and labs. Those who complete the entire course will receive a LFS244 verifiable badge which demonstrates they have the ability to successfully deploy and manage container-based applications on the Kubernetes platform using Helm. Interested individuals may enroll here.

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