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Service Mesh Fundamentals Training Course Now Available

July 30, 2020Announcements

As ever more applications adopt a microservices-style distributed architecture, these architectures grow in complexity, creating new challenges including security, resilience, and observability of these large distributed systems. 

The Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation have developed a training course to help. LFS243 – Service Mesh Fundamentals introduces service meshes, an emerging technology for addressing these challenges. Designed for DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, and platform engineers adopting microservice architectures, this course introduces the challenges of distributed systems, strategies for managing these challenges, and the architecture of service meshes.

With the growth of microservices and Kubernetes production environments, there is an increasing need to improve resilience, observability, and security for cloud-native apps. This course explains the principles behind service mesh and explores the use of Envoy Proxy, Linkerd, Istio, Consul, and the Service Mesh Interface (SMI). The course also covers key concepts such as data plane vs control plane and the evolution of ingress. 

LFS243 was announced as part of the new Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp that launched last week, but was not actually available at the time. The course is now live and available for immediate enrollment. Those interested in enrolling can find more information here.

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