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The Linux Foundation Training & Certification Launches SkillCreds to Demonstrate Specific Technical Competencies

November 28, 2022November 29th, 2022Announcements, SkillCred

Today the Linux Foundation Training & Certification team announces the addition of an entirely new set of credentials focused on area-specific technical competencies: SkillCreds

Five SkillCreds are available now (with more to come): 

Since these tools are nearly ubiquitous in the tech industry, validating your ability to use them can only increase professional opportunities and earning potential.

The technology landscape is highly competitive, making it essential to find ways you can stand out within your field. General certifications like those offered by the Linux Foundation are well-respected across the tech sector, but the truth is, it’s not necessary to complete a formal course or take a rigorous exam to prove your competency in certain areas. This is especially true about the tools that you’re already using every day. Many technologists have acquired Vim, Git, Bash, YAML and Helm skills on the job, and are simply looking for a way to validate their knowledge and experience. 

“Skillcreds are an entirely new initiative from the Linux Foundation Training & Certification team. We’re pleased to be able to offer professional learners the credentials they need, when they need them, and on the topics that are immediately relevant to their careers.” – Clyde Seepersad, SVP, and general manager of training & certification at The Linux Foundation

SkillCreds can be acquired and added to your other professional credentials quickly – each exam takes approximately 30-60 minutes. These can be mixed and matched depending on your specific job title and needs. The cost for each single-attempt SkillCred exam is $79 USD. The exams are remote-AI proctored, and never expire once the exam has been passed.

The launch of SkillCreds marks an exciting new initiative to fill a unique credentialing space for technology professionals served by the Linux Foundation. As an added bonus, when you pass these exams you’ll also receive a digital badge for display in your online profiles.

Unlike many vanity credentials, Linux Foundation SkillCreds come from an internationally recognized source for practical training and certification. We offer these to help fulfill the Linux Foundation’s nonprofit mission of building a qualified global workforce to develop and maintain open source projects and products. 

Visit the SkillCreds course pages on our training website to learn more and register for your SkillCred exams today.

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