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The Value of a Kubernetes Developer Certification

August 18, 2020June 10th, 2021Announcements

Those in the cloud computing industry know that cloud native skills – particularly Kubernetes expertise – are in high demand. A recent study found that, “only 23% of organizations believe they have the talent required to successfully complete their cloud native journey”. This points to huge opportunities for those individuals who have and can demonstrate these skills. This is reinforced by ZipRecruiter’s July 23, 2020 report that the average salary for Kubernetes jobs in the US is $147,732.

The question is how to demonstrate your Kubernetes and cloud native development chops? Being a relatively young technology, years of work experience does not necessarily equate to ability to develop applications on Kubernetes. Most computer science degrees do not cover cloud native tools, so holding a degree does not demonstrate any abilities here either. 

The most recent Open Source Jobs Report found that half of hiring managers are more likely to hire an employee with a certification. 80% of open source professionals also reported certifications are valuable to their career, with the main reason cited being that certification demonstrates technical knowledge to potential employers. In a world where technology changes rapidly, demonstrating your capabilities via a trusted, verifiable, performance-based certification helps you stand out and instills confidence that you are able to carry out the tasks necessary to succeed. 

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