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Training & Certification are Better Together With Bundled Programs

May 10, 2022Announcements

Like Mario and Luigi, peanut butter and jelly, or nuts and bolts, some things just work better together. The open source community knows this with our tradition of collaborative development, and it is also true that training and certification are simply better together. Completing training helps you to not only learn about a topic, but also prepares you to pass your certification exam. Make your career better by gaining the knowledge and skills you need to be successful with training, and a verifiable way to prove it with certification, with 35% off our “Better Together” Training and Certification Bundles through May 17 with code BETTER22 at checkout!

Linux Foundation training courses are designed to teach you the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a technology career. The top priority is to ensure that topics covered are relevant, up to date, and provide the ability to work in the real world. Many courses though also relate to the domains and competencies tested on certification exams, and completing them means you are more likely to pass the exam. Our goal is to make open source careers accessible to everyone, while simultaneously growing the talent pool so employers are able to find the talent they need to meet their objectives; bundled training and certification helps move towards achieving those goals. 

If you are not yet sure which certification or career path is right for you, take our online career quiz, review our IT career roadmap, and explore learning paths to help guide your decision. Once you have decided on the certification that is right for you, review its curriculum path to determine if you need to complete any introductory courses before jumping into the training related to the certification. You can still take advantage of this offer and purchase now as you will have a full year to complete the training and certification included in the bundle. Get started today!

Thank you for your interest in Linux Foundation training and certification. We think we can better serve you from our China Training site. To access this site please click below.

感谢您对Linux Foundation培训的关注。为了更好地为您服务,我们将您重定向到中国培训网站。 我们期待帮助您实现在中国区内所有类型的开源培训目标。