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Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program provides assurance that CKAs have the skills, knowledge, and competency to perform the responsibilities of Kubernetes administrators.

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The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program was created by The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a part of their ongoing effort to help develop the Kubernetes ecosystem. As one of the highest velocity open source projects, Kubernetes use is exploding.

There are no pre-requisites for this exam.

Domains & Competencies

The CKA Certification focuses on the skills required to be a successful Kubernetes Administrator in industry today.

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This includes these general domains and their weights on the exam:

  • Application Lifecycle Management – 8%
  • Installation, Configuration & Validation – 12%
  • Core Concepts – 19%
  • Networking – 11%
  • Scheduling – 5%
  • Security – 12%
  • Cluster Maintenance – 11%
  • Logging / Monitoring – 5%
  • Storage – 7%
  • Troubleshooting – 10%

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Exam Details

This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based test that requires solving multiple issues from a command line running Kubernetes. Candidates have 3 hours to complete the tasks.

The exam is based on Kubernetes v1.13

Policies & Resources

Please review the Candidate Handbook, Curriculum Overview and Exam Tips along with other recommended resources below.

At a Glance

Exam Delivery


Duration of Exam

3 Hours

Certification Valid

2 Years

Software Version:

Kubernetes v1.13


  • 12 Month Exam Eligibility
  • Free Exam Retake
  • PDF Certificate

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