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FINOS Certified FDC3 Practitioner (FCFP)

COMING SOON! The FINOS Certified FDC3 Practitioner (FCFP) exam demonstrates a user’s understanding of the key design considerations and rationale of the FDC3 standard. They have a broad knowledge of the FDC3 ecosystem and the implementation details required to work in the field.

Who Is It For

The FCFP is a professional certification designed for technical business analysts, software developers and FDC3 implementers in the finance, insurance, banking, and investment industries.
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About This Certification

A certified FCFP will have demonstrated an ability to deploy FDC3 concepts into real-world use cases.
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What It Demonstrates

FCFP will demonstrate a candidate’s firm conceptual understanding of the key design considerations and rationale of the FDC3 standard and the limitations of FDC3 and where it is not relevant.
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Domains & Competencies
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FDC3 and the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS)
The FDC3 Charter
FDC3 Personas
Compliance and Conformance Testing
Publishing Your Application
FDC3 Components20%
Desktop Agents
Context Data
Standard Contexts
Apps, App Directory, Records, and Endpoints
FDC3 Standard API34%
Finding and Raising Intents
Opening Apps
Error Handling
API Access
App Instances

Trust Between Components
3rd Party App Directories
Data Loss Prevention
Interoperability Design16%
Use Case Scenarios for FDC3
Good Interop Design Theory
Unsupported Use Cases

There are no pre-requisites for this exam.