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FINOS Financial Services Certified Open Source Developer (FSOSD)

The FINOS Certified Open Source Developer exam is designed for developers contributing to open source projects while working in financial institutions internationally. 

Who Is It For

The FSOSD is a professional certification designed for software engineers, open source developers, DevOps engineers, FinOps practitioners or information security teams working in financial institutions.
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About This Certification

A certified FSOSD will have demonstrated a firm conceptual understanding of how open source contribution should occur within the finance industry.
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What It Demonstrates

FSOSD will demonstrate a candidate’s understanding of the impact of regulation on their behavior and the expectations this places on them operating both within their own organization and publicly on open source projects.
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Domains & Competencies
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Ethics and Behavior10%
Understanding escalation paths
Engaging with open source communities
Open Source Licensing18%
Comply with open source license obligations
Understanding implications of Unlicensed Software
Understanding copyrights and licenses
Understanding Contributor License Agreements (CLA) and Developer Certificate of Origins (DCO)
Consuming Open Source26%
Understanding the Software Supply Chain
Evaluate and maintain code dependencies
Identify software vulnerabilities
Managing third party applications and code
Managing vulnerability, monitoring, and maintenance plans
Understanding approval processes for using open source software
Evaluate codebase risk

Contributing to Open Source28%
Understanding risk of contributing to Open Source, including Data Leakage Risk, Dependency Risk, and Operational Risk
Understand the benefits of contributing to open source projects
Understanding ownership of copyright and Intellectual Property implications of contributing to open source
Understand the importance of contribution approval processes
Understand publication review processes
Understanding the differences and limitations between Firm Projects, Personal Projects, and Open Source Projects
Understanding the role of an OSPO in an organization
Regulatory Impact on Open Source18%
Understanding regulations around communication surveillance
Understanding social media policies
Understanding the compliance processes around open source contribution
Understanding IP regulations around data within a bank

There are no pre-requisites for this exam.