If open source software is critical to your business success, having a professionally certified staff can be a strategic asset. The Linux Foundation offers comprehensive Certification programs to help you build a skilled team that sets your business apart — and ahead — of the competition.

Our Certification exams are unique in that they are distribution-flexible, performance-based and available anytime, anywhere. Our exams offer a little extra insurance toward a successful outcome, all our certification exams include a free re-take, just in case.

If you decide to build an in-house team of Linux and open source talent with Linux Foundation Certifications, your organization can benefit in the following ways:

Competitive Advantage

Linux Foundation certified candidates are the highest-quality professionals in the industry. With their advanced skill set and in-depth technical know-how, they provide higher levels of service and productivity, which in turn gives your business a competitive advantage. Certified employees can often solve complex problems more efficiently and effectively allowing you to bill services at a premium rate.

Reliable Benchmark for Your Staff

Linux Foundation Certifications can help you assess the technical expertise of your staff by determining whether they possess the skills required for an enterprise IT environment or if there are gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed with more training. Certified teams work better together by configuring solutions and solving problems in a standardized and process-driven way.

Better Employee Satisfaction & Retention

By investing in your team with Linux Foundation Certifications, you’re supporting your staff’s professional skill and career development. This not only increases job performance of individuals, but also their loyalty to the organization. Studies have shown that employee satisfaction and retention increase when employers contribute to advancing the careers of their employees.

Why Hire A Linux Foundation Certified Candidate?

Linux Foundation Certifications help you quickly identify top applicants during the hiring process. The performance-based, expert-developed and distribution-flexible exams are difficult by design, so you can rest assured that a Linux Foundation certified candidate has the skills your organization is looking for.

Hiring top Linux and open source talent is critical to many businesses, but it can also be tricky to determine which applicants are truly skilled and experienced. Linux Foundation certifications help to remove those technical question marks, and here’s how:


Our exams are developed with input from members of the global open source  technical community. This approach to exam-writing has resulted in test questions that delve into the skills and knowledge that are in demand in today’s enterprise IT environments.


These exams require hands-on use of the command line. This means candidates are tested on real world scenarios, not just what they managed to memorize. When a candidate receives a Linux Foundation certification, it’s because they demonstrated real skill and ability.


We require all certifications to be renewed every two years. That means that when you hire someone with an active Linux Foundation certification, their skills are current and applicable. Our comprehensive job task analysis ensures that the skills we test on are those currently in use in the workplace.


In addition to maintaining separate certification and training programs, the use of an independent proctoring solution means a candidate is never proctored by the training provider. This ensures that certification is achieved completely on the merits of the candidate.

Need to verify a certification candidate?
If you would like to confirm the validity of a Linux Foundation certification, please use our Verification Tool.