How Linux Certifications Benefit Your Organization

If your organization supports Linux-based systems, projects and products, a staff certified in Linux administration can be a strategic asset. The Linux Foundation offers comprehensive Certification programs to help you build a skilled team that sets your business apart — and ahead — of the competition.

Our Certification exams are unique in that they are distribution-flexible, performance-based and available anytime, anywhere. Purchase of our Certification also includes free retake of the exam.

If you decide to build an in-house team of Linux talent with Linux Foundation Certifications, your organization benefits in the following ways:


Competitive Advantage

Linux Foundation Certified Engineers and Sysadmins represent the highest-quality professionals in the industry. With their advanced skill set and in-depth technical know-how, they provide higher levels of service and productivity, which in turn gives your business a competitive advantage.

Reliable Benchmark for Your Staff

Linux Foundation Certifications can help you assess the technical expertise of your staff, discerning whether they possess the skills required for an enterprise IT environment, or if they have gaps in their knowledge that need to be filled with training. Also, with today's increasingly heterogeneous Linux IT environments, evaluating skills across employees with different distro specialties can be challenging. Only The Linux Foundation offers distribution-flexible certifications (you can take exams in CentOS, openSUSE or Ubuntu), allowing you to better gauge the skills of your workforce, no matter what flavor of Linux you're working on.

Increased Job Satisfaction & Employee Retention

By investing in your team with Linux Foundation Certifications, you're also investing in developing your staff's professional skills and career goals. This investment not only increases job performance of individuals, but also their loyalty to the organization. Studies have shown that employee satisfaction and retention increase when employers contribute to advancing the career goals of their employees.

Ability to Hire Top Talent

Linux Foundation Certifications play a critical role in helping you easily identify which applicants are qualified during the hiring process. The performance-based and community-sourced exams are difficult by design, so you can rest assured that a candidate boasting a Linux Foundation Certification is truly qualified for your organization. Also, with the Linux Foundation Certification exams being distribution-flexible, our program is more inclusive of a wider range of Linux expertise than distro-specific certifications.

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