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Istio Certified Associate (ICA)

The Istio Certified Associate (ICA) exam demonstrates a solid understanding of Istio principles, terminology, and best practices in order to set up Istio. 

POLICY CHANGE: As previously stated, please be reminded that our Certification Period Policy changed as of April 01, 2024, 00:00 UTC. Certifications achieved on or after this date will expire 24 months from the date the program certification requirements, including passing the exam, are met. Please see additional details here.

Who Is It For

The ICA is a pre-professional certification designed for engineers, CI/CD practitioners or anyone with special interests in Istio.
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About This Certification

A certified ICA will confirm their foundational knowledge of Istio principles, terminology, and best practices and demonstrate their ability to set up Istio.
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What It Demonstrates

The ICA demonstrates a candidate's solid understanding of Istio principles, terminology, and best practices to set up Istio.
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Domains & Competencies
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Istio Installation, Upgrade & Configuration7%
Using the Istio CLI to install a basic cluster
Customizing the Istio installation with the IstioOperator API
Using overlays to manage Istio component settings
Traffic Management40%
Controlling network traffic flows within a service mesh
Configuring sidecar injection
Using the Gateway resource to configure ingress and egress traffic
Understanding how to use ServiceEntry resources for adding entries to internal service registry
Define traffic policies using DestinationRule
Configure traffic mirroring capabilities
Resilience and Fault Injection20%
Configuring circuit breakers (with or without outlier detection)
Using resilience features
Creating fault injection
Securing Workloads20%
Understand Istio security features
Set up Istio authorization for HTTP/TCP traffic in the mesh
Configure mutual TLS at mesh, namespace, and workload levels
Advanced Scenarios13%
Understand how to onboard non-Kubernetes workloads to the mesh
Troubleshoot configuration issues

Exam Details & Resources
This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based and multiple-choice exam.
There are no pre-requisites for this exam.