Getting Started With Kubernetes Is Easy With Minikube

Getting Started With Kubernetes Is Easy With Minikube

by Sebastien Goasguen

Getting started with any distributed system that has several components expected to run on different servers can be challenging. Often developers and system administrators want to be able to take a new system for a spin before diving straight into a full-fledged deployment on a cluster.

All-in-one installations are a good remedy to this challenge. They provide a quick way to test a new technology by getting a working setup on a local machine. They can be used by developers in their local workflow and by system administrators to learn the basics of the deployment setup and configuration of various components.

Typically, all-in-one installs are provided as a virtual machine. Vagrant has been a great tool for this. For example, OpenShift Origin provides an all-in-one VM, and OpenStack has DevStack.

To get started with Kubernetes easily, we now have an all-in-one solution: minikube.