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How to Build a Firewall With Linux

How to Build a Firewall With Linux

In this Linux training video, Dr. Chris Brown discusses the basics of packet filtering and how you can use them to build a firewall.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Chris Brown has taught UNIX and Linux extensively for more than 25 years, mostly in Europe and the USA, but also in Canada, India, Hong Kong, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. He has extensive experience in curriculum design, and in addition to Linux training he has written hands-on courses in UNIX/Linux system programming, network programming, PHP, and distributed computing, and has edited and provided instructional design support for many others. Dr. Brown has provided in-depth technical training on SUSE Linux to Novell’s consultants and IT engineers. He developed training content for Canonical’s “Ubuntu Certified Professional” training and wrote their “Deploying Ubuntu Server” course, and was master trainer for their train- the-trainer program. More recently, he has worked with FOSSFA (Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa) to develop LPI training content. He is the author of the book “UNIX Distributed Programming” published by Prentice Hall, and of “SUSE Linux” published by O’Reilly. In addition, Dr. Brown is a Research Fellow at Sheffield University and has had a “proper job” as a Product Manager for the training company, Learning Tree International. He also writes a regular column for the UK magazine “Linux Format.”

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