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How To Build Character Drivers For The Linux Kernel

How To Build Character Drivers For The Linux Kernel

In this Linux training tutorial by Training Program Director Jerry Cooperstein, you’ll learn how to build and load device drivers in the Linux kernel. Cooperstein first demonstrates how a working character driver is loaded and deployed and then takes you under-the-hood for a closer look at the code. Much of the material in this Linux training tutorial is covered more comprehensively in the Developing Linux Device Drivers (LFD430) course.

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About the Speaker

Jerry Cooperstein has been working with Linux since 1994, developing and delivering training in both the kernel and user space. For the better part of two decades, Cooperstein worked on problems in nuclear astrophysics including supernova explosions, nuclear matter and neutron stars, general relativity, neutrinos and hydrodynamics at various national laboratories and universities in the United States and Europe. During that time, he developed state-of-the-art simulation software on many kinds of supercomputers and taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Cooperstein joined the Linux Foundation in 2009 as the Training Program Director. He currently lives in Wisconsin.

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