Interrupt Handling in Linux Device Drivers

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Interrupt Handling in Linux Device Drivers

Learn more about interrupt handling in this free “taste of training” from The Linux Foundation’s Training Program Director Jerry Cooperstein. This 20-minute clip provides useful information on “Interrupt Handling: Deferrable Functions and User Drivers.” The course covers top halves and bottom halves, methods for implementing bottom halves, how to create your own kernel threads, the most recent API for threaded interrupt handlers and how to do interrupt handling from inside user space instead of the kernel module.

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About the Speaker

Jerry Cooperstein has been working with Linux since 1994, developing and delivering training in both the kernel and user space. For the better part of two decades, Cooperstein worked on problems in nuclear astrophysics including supernova explosions, nuclear matter and neutron stars, general relativity, neutrinos and hydrodynamics at various national laboratories and universities in the United States and Europe. During that time, he developed state-of-the-art simulation software on many kinds of supercomputers and taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Cooperstein joined the Linux Foundation in 2009 as the Training Program Director. He currently lives in Wisconsin.