Multi-Site High-Availability Clusters

Multi-Site High-Availability Clusters

In this introductory tutorial, high-availability expert Florian Haas walks you through geographical redundancy in high-availability clusters. Combining the Pacemaker cluster stack with the Booth geo-redundancy arbitrator, Florian spins up a Drupal 7 site in London and automatically cuts it over to Singapore.

To learn how to successfully design, implement, provision, maintain and administer Linux-based high-availability clusters to support mission-critical workloads, considering enrolling in our High Availability Linux Architecture (LFS422) training course.

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About the Speaker

Florian Haas is a Linux high availability specialist, experienced technical consultant, seasoned training instructor, and technical writer. Florian is the author of multiple User Guides, Technical Guides and articles on High Availability. He has spoken about High Availability at LinuxCon North America and Europe,, OSCON, the OpenStack Summit and many other conferences. In his day job, Florian is a Principal Consultant and co-founder at hastexo.