High Availability Linux Training Reduces Server Workloads by 70% for Telecom Company Telmex

The experience of attendees for Linux Foundation training courses can vary between those just getting started with Linux and others who are more advanced users. Engineer William Balderas joined the High Availability Linux Architecture course (LFS422) with experience setting up and maintaining a high availability environment for telecom giant, Telmex.

Balderas says that despite already working in a high availability environment and having configured hundreds of servers, he hoped the course would teach him, “some new ways to approach things, some better processes and high availability best practices.”

Balderas says the course exercises and training materials provided real practical examples that he could use at Telmex.

“My favorite part of the course was the exercises because they had us doing things that I could use in a real application in my actual job. I found the training materials to be really easy to understand, which made learning everything easier.”

Due to lots of applications utilizing MySQL, Balderas says they had 10 servers that were being heavily taxed.

“MySQL uses a lot of memory and we had 10 instances of it in use. I really enjoyed the course because it showed me how to utilize things like Corosync and Pacemaker. Those turned out to be a huge opportunity for Telmex.”

Immediately after the course, Balderas says he and his team went to work configuring a master slave MySQL service with Corosync and Pacemaker processes. Within weeks, Balderas says they went from 10 servers using MySQL down to just three.

“For every server that we eliminated MySQL on, we’re saving 50% of the memory. That freed up memory and CPUs, which has made other applications run more efficiently and faster. It’s also going to save the company money because we won’t have to purchase new servers as soon. It’s been pretty awesome for us.”

Balderas says that he’d like to take another Linux training course from the Linux Foundation.

“I’m hoping to take another course in the future and I’ve got several co-workers that are interested in Linux Foundation courses now. The instructor for the course was very knowledgeable which was a big help. As myself and the other students came up with questions, he was able to answer everything that we wanted to know about our specific situations. I’m really happy that I got the opportunity to take the course and I highly recommend Linux Foundation training to others.”

About LFS422 High Availability Linux Architecture

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