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Training Course

Becoming a Hyperledger Aries Developer (LFS173x)

Learn how to develop blockchain-based production-ready identity applications with Hyperledger Aries in this free course.

Course Rating
4.6/5 Stars
Who Is It For

This course is for developers who want to learn how to build applications that use Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Trust over IP (ToIP) capabilities. The technical examples can be run by anyone familiar with using the command line and executing scripts. As such, a broader technical audience beyond developers will find the course helpful in understanding how ToIP can be used in designing business solutions.
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What You’ll Learn

Through this course you will get a deeper understanding of Trust over IP (ToIP). You will develop and operate code for issuing (and verifying) credentials with your own Aries agent. You will get familiar with the basics of how Hyperledger Indy (and the ledger) work and learn about the architecture and components of Aries agents and their underlying messaging protocols. The course will also help you understand additional requirements introduced when using a mobile Aries agent and the challenges in moving an Aries application to production.
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What It Prepares You For

This course prepares you to develop blockchain-based, production-ready, decentralized identity applications using verifiable credentials with Hyperledger Aries.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Exploring Aries and Aries Agents
Chapter 3. Running a Network for Aries Development
Chapter 4. Developing Aries Controllers
Chapter 5. Digging Deeper-The Aries Protocols
Chapter 6. DIDCom Message Routing
Chapter 7. Mobile Wallets
Chapter 8. Planning for Production
Chapter 9. What to Do Next

Dec 2022
It clearly explains all the aspects that must be taken into account, in order to build identity solutions, with a focus on user control.
Nov 2022
Very well structured, and takes the learning methodically and gradually, from introducing the concepts, to seamless working of complex code.
Jul 2022
Great balance of history, depth, breadth, and hands-on work.
Jul 2022
Self-explanatory tutorials integrated with awesome labs.
May 2022
I liked the labs and practical learning. I don't have a tech background, however, with big effort I managed to finish it. This speaks very well to business people, jump into SSI!
Apr 2022
It gives good coverage of how agents communicate, the roles, etc.