Cloud Engineer IT Professional Program

This program will prepare an absolute beginner to learn the most in-demand cloud skills in as little as 6 months. Start your new career today. Only $1,200 for 5 courses and 2 certifications (LFCS & CKA)!
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Why an IT Professional Program?

Become a certified cloud engineer, one of the 15 highest paying IT jobs, in as little as six months
Interact live with instructors, who are experts in the cloud industry
Set the pace that’s right for you, with input from the experts
Earn well-respected certifications which show real world skills employers look for
Learn from the host of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which oversees the most important cloud technologies
Launch a new, successful career as a cloud engineer, with average salaries in excess of $100,000

Study Plan

The format enables students to study at their own pace, but also get support via interactive forums and live video chat with instructors.

The Linux Foundation’s experts, who are leaders on their relevant open source projects, have outlined the courses and recommended pace for students to be successful.

The training included starts with Linux at the operating system layer, and moves up the stack, covering DevOps, cloud, containers and more, providing all the knowledge needed to work as a cloud administrator.

WEEK 1-4
Linux for Cloud Technicians Essentials (LFS203)

Learn the essentials for configuring and managing Linux systems and containers, expanding on the standard administration knowledge and incorporating critical tasks and operations commonly used in cloud environments.

WEEK 5-9
Linux System Administration Essentials (LFS207)

This course will teach you the skills and processes you need to work as a professional Linux systems administrator.

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator Exam (LFCS)

Take some time to study and redo labs from the previous courses to improve your speed before taking your first certification exam. The performance-based LFCS certification will demonstrate your Linux skills to future employers.

WEEK 11-14
Containers Fundamentals (LFS253)

In our app-driven world, containers and microservices are the perfect home for an application. Containers bundle an application with all its dependencies and deploy it on the platform of our choice. This course will help you build a solid foundation on container technologies.

WEEK 15-18
DevOps and SRE Fundamentals (LFS261)

The DevOps movement is changing the way applications are built, tested, and deployed. This course will teach you the skills to deploy software with confidence, agility and high reliability using modern practices such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, which are essential to modern cloud administration.

WEEK 19-23
Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)

This course will teach you how to use Kubernetes, the container management platform used by companies like Google to manage their application infrastructure. This includes learning how to install and configure a production-grade Kubernetes cluster, from network configuration to upgrades to making deployments available via services.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam (CKA)

Revisit the labs from LFS253 and LFS258 before sitting for your final exam of the bootcamp. Earning your CKA will demonstrate you have the skills, knowledge, and competency to perform the responsibilities of a Kubernetes administrator and cloud engineer.

How IT Professional Programs Works



15-20 hours a week for 6 months

15-20 hours a week for 6 months

Daily, Live Instructor Office Hours

Extensive Hands-On Labs & Assignments

12 Months of Access to Online Courses and Exams

Dedicated Discussion Forum

Access to Dedicated Mentor

CKA & LFCS Included In the Price (+ free retake)

PDF Certificate and Digital Badge

3-Day Money Back Guarantee

Certified Cloud Engineer badge

Earn verifiable, respected badges for each certification exam and for completing the entire IT Professional Program.


“I really enjoyed the Program. And as said, I think your info will be really valuable to those up for the exams.  And I want to say, these 2 exams were the best ones I have taken so far. No multiple choice but really hands-on tasks. Linux Foundation / CNCF did a fantastic job here!”

“I just wanted to say the live office hours has been a tremendous asset for me, as I passed the CKA on the first attempt!”

I liked the hands on labs, and crisp explanations.”

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