DevOps IT Professional Program

DevOps roles are growing exponentially. This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to utilize DevOps principles and practices - including DevSecOps and GitOps. Start your new career today in as little as 6 months! Only $750.
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Why an IT Professional Program?

Learn to use DevOps practices, which are essential to modern software development, in as little as six months
Interact live with instructors, who are experts in DevOps and software development
Set the pace that’s right for you, with input from the experts
Take advantage of a vendor-neutral approach to learn skills that can be applied in any software environment
Learn from the host of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, which oversees the most important DevOps tools and projects
Pursue lucrative career paths, from DevOps Engineer to Software Developer to IT Operations Manager and more

Study Plan

Courses included in this program

The format enables students to study at their own pace, but also get support via interactive forums and live video chat with instructors.

The Linux Foundation’s experts, who are leaders on their relevant open source projects, have outlined the courses and recommended pace for students to be successful.

The training included starts with an introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering, then moves into specific DevOps toolsets like Jenkins, and finishes with more advanced topics including GitOps and DevSecOps principles and practices.

WEEK 1-5
DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261)

This course will teach you the skills to deploy software with confidence, agility and high reliability using modern practices such as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

WEEK 6-9
Jenkins Essentials (LFS267)

This course discusses various usability and administrative aspects of Jenkins, providing an understanding of containerized installation, distributed builds in Kubernetes clusters, advanced security features, multi-branch pipelines, and GitOps with Jenkins concepts.

WEEK 10-13
CI/CD with JenkinsX (LFS268)

This course discusses Jenkins X, an open source tool for CI/CD, providing a solid understanding of the building blocks of Jenkins X and how to create Pipeline as Code workflows with Jenkins X.

WEEK 14-18
GitOps: Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes with Flux (LFS269)

Master the art of automating Kubernetes deployments by implementing GitOps – the set of practices that enable developers to carry out tasks that traditionally fall to operations personnel – with Flux CD.

WEEK 19-24
Implementing DevSecOps (LFS262)

DevSecOps practices, an extension to existing DevOps practices, focus on automating security and incorporating it as part of the process, including Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as a Code and observability. Learn to implement DevSecOps practices into the software delivery pipeline using open source software.

How IT Professional Program Works



10-15 hours a week for 6 months

10-15 hours a week for 6 months

Daily, Live Instructor Office Hours

Extensive Hands-On Labs & Assignments

12 Months of Access to Online Courses

Dedicated Discussion Forum

Access to Dedicated Mentor

PDF Certificate and Digital Badge

3-Day Money Back Guarantee

Certified DevOps Badge

Earn a verifiable, respected badge for completing the entire program.