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Training Course

Hyperledger Fabric Administration (LFS272)

This course is designed for system administrators who want to take deeper dive into how to manage, implement and operate on a daily basis within the Hyperledger Fabric network.

Who Is It For

This course is for those from administration and developer backgrounds with the desire to learn more about how to manage a Hyperledger Fabric environment. Before enrolling, you should have basic knowledge of the Linux command line, bash, Docker and containers, NoSQL, CouchDB, and blockchain and distributed ledgers.
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What You’ll Learn

This course will provide a deeper understanding of the Hyperledger Fabric network and how to administer and interact with chaincode, manage peers, operate basic CA-level functions. Upon completion, you will have a good understanding of the Hyperledger Fabric network topology, chaincode operations, administration of identities, permissions, how and where to configure component logging, and much more.
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What It Prepares You For

The topics covered are directly aligned with the knowledge domains tested by the Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA) Program, and will substantially increase students’ ability to become certified.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Course Introduction
Chapter 2. Network Topology
Chapter 3. Chaincode Management
Chapter 4. Certificate Authorities (CAs)
Chapter 5. Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Chapter 6. Service Discovery