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Introduction to DevSecOps for Managers (LFS180x)

This course focuses on providing managers and leaders with the foundational knowledge required to lead digital organizations through their DevSecOps journey and transformation.

Course Rating
4.2/5 Stars
Who Is It For

This course is designed for any software manager, including those both experienced and new to the field of software development, who is seeking to continuously improve their knowledge. The course was created specifically to serve a wide range of backgrounds, targeting both those with very little prior knowledge of DevSecOps, while also challenging those who have years of experience. No prior technical knowledge is assumed as part of this course, as it is intended to form or improve a foundation for any software leader.
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What You’ll Learn

The course starts off by discussing what DevSecOps is and why it is important. It then provides an overview of DevSecOps technologies and principles using a simple-to-follow “Tech like I’m 10” approach. Next, the course covers topics such as value stream management, platform as product, and engineering organization improvement, all driving towards defining Continuous Delivery and explaining why it is so foundational for any organization. The course also focuses on culture, metrics, cybersecurity, and agile contracting.
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What It Prepares You For

This course prepares technical program managers for software-intensive jobs and roles. It outlines the fundamentals required in order to successfully transform any software development organization into a digital leader. This course will accelerate your journey as you continue to learn and grow your understanding of modern software delivery and security, as well as the complexities around managing development, security, and operations teams.
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Course Outline
Welcome to LFS180x!
Chapter 1. DevSecOps Background and Historical Perspective
Chapter 2. Tech Like I’m Ten
Chapter 3. Value Stream Management
Chapter 4. Platform as Product
Chapter 5. Continuous Delivery (CD) Basics
Chapter 6. The Power of Culture
Chapter 7. The Right Metrics
Chapter 8. Agile Contracting
Chapter 9. Cybersecurity
Final Exam (Verified Certificate track only)

No prior technical knowledge is assumed as part of this course, as it is intended to form or improve a foundation for any software leader.
Sep 2023
I liked the variety of topics covered, easy for less technical users to understand concepts.
Sep 2023
I liked the general layout of the course, ensuring prerequisite knowledge was covered and aided by real-life examples.
Jul 2023
The high level of information really connected all the dots together, to enable me to understand how everything should function.
Apr 2023
I liked the fact that it was all broken out in a clear way, and things seemed to build on each other without having to memorize every detail of previous modules to understand the next module.
Oct 2022
Lightweight and high-level coverage that anyone could understand.