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WebAssembly Actors: From Cloud to Edge (LFD134x)

Learn about the portability, efficiency, and security of WebAssembly modules and how to leverage a number of open source frameworks to create distributed and seamlessly connected actors that can be deployed in a browser, on a laptop, in the cloud, on a Raspberry Pi, or practically anywhere.

Who Is It For

This course is designed for developers who have built or are building microservices and have experienced a high degree of friction in cloud native application development. Developers looking to embrace the simplicity of Functions as a Service (FaaS) without the overhead of cloud providers or sacrificing the ability to experiment and test locally and in any other environment will gain significant value from this course.
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What You’ll Learn

In this course, you will learn foundational Rust skills such as creating and hosting WebAssembly modules. You will explore the JavaScript WebAssembly API for browsers and multiple alternative, non-web host runtimes for WebAssembly. You will become familiar with the benefits and usage of the actor model and gain the ability to easily create distributed, cloud native applications using secure WebAssembly modules as a deployment target by leveraging open source projects. You will also be able to differentiate between the features and functionality afforded by the base WebAssembly specification versus additional features added by community tooling and open source projects, and have a clear understanding of how WebAssembly-based applications really work.
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What It Prepares You For

After completing this course, you will be able to build portable, secure, lightweight WebAssembly modules that thrive in the cloud, at the edge, and anywhere in between.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Creating WebAssembly Modules from Scratch
Chapter 2. Creating WebAssembly Modules with Rust
Chapter 3. Using WebAssembly Host Runtimes
Chapter 4. Advanced Guest and Host Communications
Chapter 5. WebAssembly and the Actor Model
Chapter 6. Advanced Actor and Capability Use Cases
Final Exam (verified track only)


Intermediate programming skills are required, though no specific language or platform is mandatory. The majority of the course code will be in Rust with a few sections in JavaScript and even raw WebAssembly Text (wat) format.

System Prerequisites

  • Rust toolchain (including the wasm32-unknown target) installed
  • Modern web browser with a high degree of WebAssembly support (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, or Edge).
Sep 2021
I liked the assignments the most. I'm a hands-on learner, so the more I build stuff, the better I understand the material.