How to register someone other than yourself?

Option 1. You can have each person purchase their bundle/course/exam using any major credit card and a coupon if applicable (Discount coupons are issued for two or more purchases after requesting a quote).
Option 2. If you will be doing the purchase and registration for each colleague you will need to have each person create their LF account using this link –  and then have them send you their Username and Password. You can then purchase each bundle/course/exam from the website using their login information so that the bundle/course/exam is under their account/name. Important – Make sure to Log-out prior to each new purchase using the link above. You can use your own billing information for each purchase.
*Print Receipt: each person can find/print their receipt for the purchase within their Portal under Purchase History.

What score is needed to pass the exam?

For the LFCS Exam, a score of 66% or above must be earned to pass.
For the LFCE Exam, a score of 57% or above must be earned to pass.

Please review the FAQ section of all other programs, to determine the score required to pass.

Do I get access to a lab environment to run the lab exercises in my course?

A lab instance is not provided with your course registration. In general, lab exercises are designed to be run natively, using a virtual machine, or a public cloud provider. Detailed instructions to set up your lab environment are provided in the course.

If you are using a cloud provider like GCP or AWS, you should be able to complete the lab exercises using the free tier or credits provided to you (with a few exceptions, which are noted on the course enrollment page). However, you may incur charges if you exceed the credits initially allocated by the cloud provider, or if the cloud provider’s terms and conditions change.

How can I make changes to my receipt?

If you completed your purchase after June 19, 2020, please login to My Portal ( and go to Purchase History.  You will be able to add / edit information in the Customer Info fields, and you can then use the Download PDF function to download an updated receipt showing your newly entered Customer Info.


(Please note that accessing Purchase History does require that you have performed email verification on your LF Login account first. It can also take up to 3 hours for the Purchase History page to load for the first receipt, but should load more quickly for subsequent purchases.) 


If you completed your purchase prior to June 19, 2020, please contact Customer Support for assistance to making changes to your receipt.

I’m having issues viewing parts of my e-learning course.

We recommend that students clear their cache on a regular basis before re-launching a course.
This clears up many issues that were not exhibiting previously, and it ensures that you are seeing the most up-to-date course content and labs (e.g. in cases where course updates have been deployed).

Also, while the course player does work in most browsers, there may be video-related issues with Mozilla Firefox on some Linux distros.

Additionally, we recommend visiting the forum set up for your specific course at on a regular basis. Important announcements regarding the course are posted here, including announcements about course updates. It’s also a great way to see what topics are currently being discussed by students and instructors for the course.

How soon should I expect my exam results?

A score report is sent to the candidate, via email, 24 hours from the time the exam is completed.  Results are also made available on the Portal.

If more than 24 hours have passed since you completed your exam and you have not yet received your score report and you have checked your spam/promotions folder of your email, please login to for assistance.

For the LFCS or LFCE exams, do I need to take the exam from a Linux machine?

Candidates must provide their own computer with a current version of Chrome or Chromium browser.

You don’t need to install a virtual machine, use a client machine, or anything beyond a Chrome or Chromium browser

Please review the System Requirements published in our Candidate handbook

If you already purchased the exam, please run the compatibility check tool provided by the Exam Proctoring Partner to verify that their hardware meets the minimum requirements.
The tool is located at

Can I use my browser bookmarks during my exam?

Resources allowed for all Linux Foundation Certification Programs are published here:

If your bookmark is used to access any of our allowed resources, you will be permitted to use it during your exam session.
No other sites may be navigated to.   It is the responsibility of the candidate not to click on any links that cause them to navigate to a domain that is not allowed.

Can I use an internal or built-in webcam for the exam?

You are welcome to use a webcam that is built-in to your laptop/computer. Just remember that you will be asked to do a full pan of your room and physical surroundings with your webcam (sometimes, this can include panning the area beneath your desk).

While many candidates are able to satisfy this request with their laptop’s built-in webcam, if you believe this could present an issue for the webcam that is built-in to your computer, then you may need to look into getting an external webcam for use during the exam. 

Can I attach an external monitor to my computer or laptop for the exam?

Only 1 monitor/display may be used during your exam. 

The monitor/display can be an external monitor connected to a laptop computer, however, you must choose which display to use for the exam; you cannot use both.

You can check the system requirements for the display by clicking the Check System Requirements step in the Exam Prep Checklist in the portal.

Please also keep in mind that the proctor will ask you to pan your physical surroundings with your webcam, so if your webcam is built-in on your laptop, you may want to test whether you can do this successfully while hooked up to an external monitor.  Most candidates seem to be able to do this without issue, but if for any reason this presents an issue for your setup (i.e. too short of cables or maybe laptop is quite large), you may need to consider an external webcam that you can move independently.

What if I have internet issues during the exam? How do I reconnect?

It is ultimately the responsibility of the candidate to ensure they have an internet connection that is of high-enough bandwidth, as well as stable and reliable enough to sustain a connection to the exam for the duration of the exam. (It’s the only way we’re able to deliver online, remotely-proctored exams that can be taken anytime, anywhere.) 


If your network or internet is experiencing issues during an exam session and causes you to lose your connection to the exam temporarily, you can contact PSI support to find out how to reconnect to the exam.  (You can contact PSI Support via the online chat or the Support menu item on


You may also be able to ask the proctor for added time in cases where your internet connection is interrupted. However, please note that it’s ultimately the proctor’s discretion as to whether to honor such request and it will be based on what they observe during the exam.  For this reason, we recommend that candidates test from the most robust network possible.

Where do I upload or provide my ID for the exam?

The certification exams are proctored remotely via webcam and desktop streaming. During the check-in process for the exam, the proctor will ask you to present your ID in order to confirm your identity.  Please review our Identification and Authentication policy, published in our Candidate Handbook

I have an ID with name listed in non-Latin characters and a credit card with name written in Latin. Is it possible to take the exam with this?

Candidates are required to provide a non-expired Primary ID that contains Candidate’s photograph, signature and full name (see acceptable forms of ID below).
The name on your Primary ID must exactly match the verified name on your exam checklist.

Please review our Identification and Authentication policy, published in our Candidate Handbook.

My gov’t ID does not have my name in Latin characters; will I be able to test?

Please review the “Candidate Identification and Authentication” section in the Candidate Handbook. 

Failure to meet requirements may mean the proctor will not be able to allow you to test and may cause you to forfeit the exam attempt.


Will my ID be acceptable for the exam?

Please review the “Candidate Identification and Authentication” section in the Candidate Handbook and make sure that you satisfy the ID requirements listed there. Failure to meet requirements may mean the proctor will not be able to allow you to test and may cause you to forfeit the exam attempt. 

The name on your Primary ID must exactly match the verified name on your exam checklist.

If you need to update the name associated to your exam so that it matches the ID that you will be presenting for the exam, login to the portal ( and look for the Verify Name step in the Exam Prep Checklist. The “Verify Name” step allows you to verify if the name listed on your account matches the name on your government photo ID. This is a required step that all candidates must complete before taking the exam. If you need to make changes to the name on your account so that it matches your gov’t photo ID, use the “click here to change it” link.

How do I change my name for the exam?

 If you are looking to confirm or to make a change to the name that will be used for the exam, please login to the portal ( and click the Start/Resume button for your certification. This will open a page with your Exam Checklist.  Please use the Verify Name step in that checklist to confirm or make changes to the name listed for your exam. You’ll want to make sure it matches the name on your government photo ID. Please also note that if you make a change to your name in the Verify Name field, the change submission will be logged right away on the back-end, but the exam checklist interface takes up to 15 minutes to show the recorded change.  


Verify Name is a required step that all candidates must complete before taking the exam.  During the check-in process for the exam, the proctor will ask you to present your gov’t photo ID to them via the webcam so that they may confirm your identity against the name on your Exam Checklist. Your name will need to match what’s listed on the ID that you present. The ID you present must be government-issued and bear your name and photo. It must not be expired.

How do I change my exam platform?

Please review the Platform Selection information published in our candidate handbook, for details of the platform(s) available for our exams, and how to choose a platform (if that option is available).

Is there a waiting period before I can re-take my exam?

The deadline to complete the free retake is 12 months from the original purchase date.  


There is no enforced wait period for retakes currently. However, the following factors affect how quickly you can get and schedule a retake:


– A free retake can only be issued if the first attempt has been graded as a No Pass, and exams are scored 24 hours from the time an exam is completed. (That means it’s at least 1 days before eligibility for a free retake can be determined.)


– There is a 24-hour lead time needed for exam reservations, meaning the earliest possible reservation would be 24 hours ahead.


If you are wanting to ensure you have enough time to fit a retake in before the retake deadline, then we recommend that you schedule your first attempt at least 2 weeks before the expiration date of your exam.

How can I manage my ‘My Portal’ profile?

You will find the option to manage your ‘My Portal’ profile here:

You will also find your past training, certification, events and transaction history on this page.

Where can I get more information about the new system?

You can learn important instructions regarding training and certification here.

Why am I not receiving my emails from the certification team?

To ensure emails from our new systems continue to reach your inbox, please white-list our email address: and check your Spam folder after service resumes.

Will the migration affect how long I have access to my course?

The length of time you will have access to the course is not affected by the migration to the new platform.

Will the exam content change on the new system?

There are no changes to the exam items or exam environment. The number of available retakes will remain the same.

I lost my bookmark. Does this mean I have to start the course over?

When first launching your course after the transition you’ll notice that your bookmark has been lost. Simply use the menu to manually advance to the last completed page in order to resume your course.

I have questions about purchasing bulk training for my team/company. Who can I talk to?

We specialized in designing training solutions to fit your needs and your budget. To learn more, please submit a corporate training inquiry and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs.

How can I be notified when new training courses or certifications become available?

Great question! We invite you to sign up for our monthly newsletter where you can find out about all the latest news in our open source offerings as well as other cool things The Linux Foundation is doing. Plus, its the only way to find out about our secret training sales! Signing up is easy, fill out the Stay Up To Date form at the bottom of our website. If you decide it’s not for you, you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Can you tell me more about your partnership with

Yes! The Linux Foundation has partnered with to help deliver a series of massive open online courses (MOOCs). These entry-level courses cover a range of popular open source technologies and are designed to help those interested, gain good foundational knowledge to set them up for success in more advanced courses. Visit to view all of our free courses.