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Free Course Explores WebAssembly Modules from the Cloud to the Edge

May 19, 2021Announcements

With our world being increasingly driven by apps and the microservices that support them, adoption of WebAssembly (Wasm) continues to accelerate. WebAssembly is a stack-based virtual machine that can greatly improve the performance and capabilities of websites and, despite the name, nearly any other kind of non-web platform you can imagine.

Besides making browsers much more powerful, this technology may extend beyond the scope of mere websites. It isn’t just for browsers; Wasm is currently being used in cloud, mobile, low-level networking, and edge-based environments.

This is why The Linux Foundation is today releasing a new, free, online training course, WebAssembly Actors: From Cloud to Edge (LFD134x). The course explores the portability, efficiency, and security of WebAssembly modules and how to leverage a number of open source frameworks to create distributed and seamlessly connected actors that can be deployed in a browser, on a laptop, in the cloud, on a Raspberry Pi, or practically anywhere.

This course is designed for developers who have built or are building microservices and have experienced a high degree of friction in cloud native application development. Developers looking to embrace the simplicity of Functions as a Service (FaaS) without the overhead of cloud providers or sacrificing the ability to experiment and test locally and in any other environment will gain significant value from this course.

Kevin Hoffman, the author of “Programming WebAssembly with Rust”, “Cloud Native Go”, and over a dozen books on various aspects of the .NET Framework, created this course. He has presented at a number of conferences and events over the past 2 years on WebAssembly, and at dozens of previous conferences on everything from .NET to Spring Boot to Redis and even at Apple’s WWDC.

The course is free to audit on for seven weeks, or a verified certification of completion is available for a fee, which includes a full year of course access. Enroll today and start improving your cloud native application development with Wasm!

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