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Find Your Way to a Strong SysAdmin Team

July 19, 2022Announcements

It’s tough sourcing enough talent today to meet growing IT team needs, but life finds a way. Our recent 10th Annual Open Source Jobs Report found 93% of employers are struggling to find enough employees with open source skills. It doesn’t help that 73% of professionals feel it would be easy to find another job, and they are demanding higher salaries than ever before to stay put. Between an overwhelming talent shortage and competition from other employers, many companies’ IT teams are at risk of “going extinct”. 

There is a way to address this situation however. The Open Source Jobs Report also found 74% of professionals are asking for more training opportunities so they can keep up with current technologies, and 62% said training is the thing their employer can provide that would help them be more successful, a higher percentage than any other option. Additionally, 81% of professionals want to add new certifications to their resumes this year, and 90% of employers are willing to help them pay for them. Companies need to keep up by providing formal training and certification opportunities to their employees or risk giving them one more reason to leave.

It should be kept in mind that providing training and certifications not only makes employees happier by demonstrating an employer’s willingness to invest in them and their career opportunities, but these opportunities also benefit the employer. Having a better skilled team means you will be more successful in achieving your technology goals, and having more certified professionals on staff means your customers can have more confidence in your teams’ abilities. 

Linux Foundation Training & Certification offers a wide catalog of training and certification in the most important open source technologies, from cloud to system administration to networking, blockchain, web development and more. This SysAdmin Day, give your team what they really want and provide them with training and/or certification that will help both you and them achieve your goals. We provide group classes, team discounts and more to help you be successful when it comes to upskilling. Learn more and contact us here.

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