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Great News for Japanese Language Users and Developers of Linux

November 14, 2022Announcements, Japanese


The popular Linux Foundation Training & Certification program “Open Source Management and Strategy” can now be taken in Japanese!

The modern software supply chain relies extensively on open-source software (OSS) for both its fundamental components and its operation. Many of the latest technologies, including cloud and networking systems are based on OSS, and organizations would do well to prepare themselves for the use of OSS and its strategic utilization in promoting technological innovation. 

As such, organizations should be prepared for proper use of open source, ensuring compliance with licensing requirements, how to implement continuous delivery/integration, and processes for working with and contributing to the open source community.

The Open Source Management and Strategy self-paced training program builds on the accumulated knowledge of many training modules on open source best practices, and adds up-to-date content on all the elements that are critical to successfully leveraging open source in your enterprise. The program consists of seven courses designed to teach executives, managers, software developers, and engineers the fundamental concepts for building effective open source practices within their organizations. 

The courses included in the program are:

  • Introduction to Open Source (LFC202-JP): Basic Components of Open Source and Open Standards
  • Open Source Business Strategy (LFC203-JP): Various open source business models and how to formulate practical strategies and policies for each
  • Effective Open Source Program Management (LFC204-JP): How to build an effective OSPO and the different types of roles and responsibilities required to run it
  • Open Source Development Practices (LFC205-JP): The Role of Continuous Integration and Testing in Healthy Open Source Projects
  • Open Source Compliance Program (LFC206-JP): The importance of effective open source license compliance, how to build programs and processes to enable safe and effective consumption of open source.
  • Effectively Collaborating with Open Source Projects (LFC207-JP): How to work effectively with upstream open source projects, how to get the most benefit from working with the project community
  • Founding an Open Source Project (LFC208-JP): Reasons and value of creating a new open source project, legal process, business process, and development process required to launch a new project

These courses were all developed by Guy Martin, Director of Open Source & Standards at NVIDIA, a company that develops integrated circuits for use in consumer electronics.

Guy has been both a software engineer and an open source strategist for over 25 years. He has built open source programs for companies such as Red Hat, Samsung, and Autodesk, and helped found the Academy Software Foundation during his time as Director of Open Source Office at Autodesk. During his time at Samsung, he was a founding member of the Open Connectivity Foundation founding team and contributed resources for OSPO personnel, including best practices and study guides provided by the Linux Foundation’s TODO Group. 

This training program can be started immediately. For $540, students get unlimited access to all seven courses for one year and receive a certificate upon completion. If you are interested in learning more, please register here


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