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LFCE Domains and Competencies Update – June 2018

June 1, 2018July 16th, 2018Announcements

Domains and Competencies for the LFCE Certification will be updated on June 12, 2018. LFCE exams taken on or after June 12, 2018 will be subject to the new set of Domains and Competencies.

How This Affects You

If you sit for the LFCE Exam before 02:00am UTC on June 12, 2018, you will be tested on the current Domains and Competencies (as listed in the Exam Details section for the LFCE Exam here). If you sit for an LFCE Exam on or after 02:00am UTC on June 12, 2018, the exam will test you on Domains and Competencies V3.18 (listed below).

This applies to free retakes as well. If you sit for a free retake before 02:00am UTC on June 12, 2018, you will be tested on the current Domains and Competencies. If you sit for a free retake on or after 02:00am UTC on June 12, 2018, you will be tested on Domains and Competencies V3.18 (even if that is not what you were originally tested on during your first attempt).

The date that you register and pay for an exam does not affect which set of Domains and Competencies the exam will test. It is only the date that you take, i.e. sit for, the exam that will determine which Domains and Competencies you receive.

No exceptions can be made on changing the set of Domains and Competencies tested on an Exam, so please plan accordingly.

LFCE Domains and Competencies V3.18

Essential Commands – 5%

  • Use version control tools
  • Manipulate file content programmatically
  • Run commands on many systems simultaneously
  • Install Linux Distribution

Operation of Running Systems – 18%

  • Monitor, tune and troubleshoot system performance
  • Update operating systems to provide required functionality and security
  • Update the kernel and ensure the system is bootable
  • Script automation tools to make work faster and more accurate
  • Train team members on new technology or changes to existing systems
  • Maintain systems via configuration management tools
  • Maintain the integrity and availability of hardware
  • Develop and test disaster recovery plans
  • Support incident management for outages/trouble
  • Produce and deliver reports on system use (processor, memory, disk, and network), outages, and user requests
  • Monitor security and conduct audits
  • Manipulate Linux system during the recovery process
  • Use udev for device detection and management
  • Configure and modify SELinux/AppArmor policies

User and Group Management – 10%

  • Connect to an external authentication source
  • Configure advanced PAM

Networking – 15%

  • Monitor, tune and troubleshoot network performance
  • Configure network traffic tunneling
  • Configure a system to perform Network Address Translation
  • Dynamically route IP traffic
  • Implement advanced packet filtering

Service Configuration – 17%

  • Implement and configure an HTTP server
  • Implement and configure time synchronization server
  • Implement and configure network logging server
  • Configure a DHCP server
  • Implement and configure an SMTP service
  • Implement and configure the HTTP proxy server
  • Configure host-based and user-based security for a service
  • Implement and configure a centralized authentication server
  • Implement and configure a PXE Boot server
  • Implement and configure an authoritative DNS server

Storage Management – 10%

  • Manage advanced LVM configuration
  • Identify storage devices using block device attributes
  • Manage Linux file system features and flags
  • Implement and configure remote block storage devices
  • Implement and configure network shares

System Design and Deployment – 25%

  • Define a capacity planning strategy
  • Conduct post deployment verifications
  • Create and maintain software packages
  • Create, configure and maintain containers
  • Deploy, configure, and maintain high availability/clustering/replication

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