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NEW Course: Istio Service Mesh Essentials (LFS245)

June 5, 2024Announcements

Istio Helps Drive DevOps & IT Career Advancement

Linux Foundation Training and Certification and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation have launched Istio Service Mesh Essentials (LFS245), a new course for DevOps, security and other IT professionals. Knowing Istio positions IT professionals as valuable assets to organizations navigating the complexities of building or migrating applications to cloud native environments.

“Understanding Istio is helpful when it comes to modern cloud native and service mesh deployments,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, CNCF. This new course provides a comprehensive, hands-on approach to mastering Istio, enabling engineers to leverage the full power of service meshes to enhance security, observability and traffic management in their Kubernetes environments.”

Istio Service Mesh Essentials (LFS245) teaches the ins and outs of Istio service mesh including:

  • Explaining the basic building blocks of Envoy proxy and how it fits within Istio
  • How to use the IstioOperator API to install and configure the mesh
  • Managing North-South and East-West traffic using Istio CRDs and Gateway API
  • Securing the mesh and creating authorization policies
  • Installing the Istio service mesh across multiple clusters

Participants will also get an overview of the Ambient mesh and learn the key architectural differences between the Ambient mesh and the traditional sidecar deployment model.

“Knowing Istio significantly enhances an IT professional’s career prospects by building high-demand skills for microservices and cloud-native environments,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, General Manager, Training & Certification, Linux Foundation. “Having these specialized skills differentiates IT pros, helping open opportunities for advancement and higher-paying roles.”

Istio Service Mesh Essentials (LFS245), along with real-world experience and study, will provide the skills and knowledge also tested by the Istio Certified Associate (ICA) exam. ICA certification provides verifiable proof to employers and the community of an IT professional’s skills. All of our certification exams are vendor-neutral, developed in cooperation with subject matter experts from industry and academia and champion command line proficiency.

Istio Service Mesh Essentials (LFS245) is a 25-hour, self-paced, e-Learning course that incorporates hands-on labs allowing participants to practice their new knowledge and skills. Enrollment also includes access to our discussion forum, enabling participants to interact with fellow students and experts. Those who successfully complete the course will earn a new digital badge.

Course topics include:

  • Installing & Configuring Istio Service Mesh
  • Managing Ingress & Egress Traffic
  • Managing Traffic with Istio
  • Resiliency & Fault Injection
  • Observability
  • Security
  • Ambient Mesh
  • Troubleshooting Istio

Drive Your Career Advancement with Istio

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